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Kenwood proposes personalization of car audio. Front panel and trim plate can be replaced with various colour choices to match the interior colour or the tastes of user. Replacement must be performed at an authorized Kenwood dealer for quality control reasons. Availability of colour choice and panel type varies as countries or areas. Please ask your local dealer for further details.
Champagne gold Type : CA-659CG Review
Space blue Type : CA-658SB, CA-358SB Review
Lagoon green Type : CA-358SG Review
Wood grain Type : CA-658FW, CA-358FW, CA-659FW Review
Mineral purple mica Type : CA-658FC, CA-358FP, CA-659FP Review
Carbon (gray) Type : CA-658FC, CA-659FC Review
Landscape green Type : CA-658FB, CA-358FB, CA-659FB Review